Basics. You’re never too experienced to relearn them.

I recall a few years ago we used to run a creative workshop first thing on Monday mornings. It was our way of not letting a work WIP be the first thing our Creative department was subjected to each week.
So we flipped it, and invited everyone to get free breakfast and coffee, provided they brought with them some kind of inspiration for our creative department. In these sessions we raced mice, watched Korean gangster cinema and anything else, so long as it wasn’t worshipping at the alter of Advertising.
And at the same time, the Chief Creative and I would talk about the principles of doing better work.

Each week we’d leave the session asking each other, “Is this really necessary? Surely all these fantastic creatives we’ve hand selected from the best agencies across the country know this.”

Thing is, it was necessary. Going back to the basics, the ideals and primary principles of what we believed in as an agency – really was resonating. Of course we all knew, but how quickly you forget when things get super busy.

What we realised, was that the basics cut through the noise of the present tense and gave a much stronger direction for the whole agency.
Complex situations suddenly seem quite simple when you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Or not doing.

And I’ve carried this with me wherever I’ve gone. The basics become the foundation of great outcomes. Like the press-up of fitness, you can practice them at any level.
And if you think you’re too experienced for them, think again.





One thought on “Basics. You’re never too experienced to relearn them.

  1. They were all great. Except For Stu’s mc rap battle. That one was terrifying. I so wish other agencies would do it. It was such a great set up for the week. The Korean movies were maybe a step too far… I don’t know what I was thinking.


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