Going backwards to go forwards.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 07.22.22 Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 07.21.45Introducing technology that protects you from yourself.
A distraction free keyboard.
Fascinating that the selling proposition for this writing monstrosity is to have so little capability to do anything other than just be a cloud-based keyboard, that it offers ‘zero distractions’. That’s a euphemism for zero features btw.
And at Only $499 (reduced).
Wow. I think that’s cheaper than a full spec Dell?
They should try remove more features and make it really desirable.
Like removing all punctuation, who wants to pause for all that distraction?
Or only having 4 minutes battery life. That would make time more precious.

At first, it seems ludicrous.
But try and write for 30 minutes without checking your mail, or responding to a pop up message, or watching a full series of Stranger Things.
It’s hard.
Hate to say it, but they’re onto something here.
Amusing how it just drops in there, ‘leave your smartphone at home’.
Yeah, just before I share hypodermic needles or cut off my thumbs.

But I am interested in technology going backward, in order to retain it’s intrinsic magic.
Another is the new Leica that has no digital back for pre-viewing what you’ve shot. 99% of people will send it back as a defect. 1% will realise that photography is best enjoyed with a delay between what you see in the viewfinder, and what comes up when you review your images later.

Products that do less, better.
That don’t try and own the whole game.
That are just good at one thing.

How many of those do you have in your life?


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