Random. The necessary addition to any creative diet…


Look around you. There’re probably a lot of smart people employed for their ability to think in straight lines, be logical, keep things rational.

Be careful.

The best use of your talent, might not be to mirror their skills (which are very useful, respectable and necessary).
The best use of your talent, is probably to be the YING to their YANG.
To not let all that nodding turn into nodding off.

That’s where Random comes in.
Like Roger Irrelevant taught us through the School of Vizz, sometimes you need to be ‘Completely Hatstand’.

It’s really important, Random.
It’s not a destination, but it’s a great way to get somewhere more interesting.
It’s the ace you didn’t even know you had until it appeared up your sleeve.
And until then you were in short sleeves.

Entertain it. Find it. Use it. Pull it from a hat.
Let it bring the surprise and delight that it always brings.

And then note the different sort of nodding start to happen.





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