Average sails through.

Be careful if your idea gets bought first time.
Maybe you have the DaVinci code of an idea, the conceptual key turns in the lock, everyone just ‘gets it’.
Or ‘everyone juuuust gets it.’ By aggregate. By way of tick boxes. By way of risk mitigation.

I had a Creative Director, (won’t mention names) who,  in my first few months of working (Willie), I excitedly reported back on the progress of my first commercial.
‘Hey, we’ve just finished and showed the film. No comments or changes from anyone. Sold!’
He responded, ‘It’s that shit huh?’

Cruel, but it had truth. If it sails through, it’s probably really average.
And if it’s average, it’s definitely shit.

Great ideas they gets noticed. By every defence mechanism on the radar.
And the oceans upon which great ideas sail, are rough.
Sharks. Pirates. Acts of God. Acts of the middle order. You name it.

A great idea has the story arc of a Rocky Film. It has to kiss the canvas a few times but still come back fighting. And get to shout Adrian through bloody teeth.

Ask anyone attached to great idea to tell you the ‘resurrection’ story.
It might breath the vital life back into your brilliant idea.





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