Why having the ‘best idea ever’ is not such a bad idea.

Years ago we worked at an agency where, every day, this young creative would burst into the office exclaiming, “Guys, I have the best idea ever!”
Of course, do the maths, the chances of actually having the best idea every day are slim. But the general force of confidence and attitude was there.

Turns out, one day he did come in with a pretty good idea. And our usual, “XXXXXX, please XXXX off!” was replaced with, “Wait. Don’t XXXX off. Yet. That’s pretty good actually. Is it possible?” (If memory serves, my partner told him that he’d be fired if he couldn’t get the idea to happen.)
He returned a few days later with news; that it wasn’t actually possible, in fact, it was illegal. But, not be deterred, we made a few small tweaks / compromises for ethical and lawful purposes, and not long after, the idea was judged ‘best’ enough to win the Grand Prix.
And may have saved a few lives.
And his job. In fact, he produced many great ideas and we worked together at a few agencies.

On that morning, in his head, it was the ‘best idea ever’.
To this day, it’s a superb idea, relevant, bold and thought-provoking.

As time’s moved on, things have changed. Firstly, we don’t really have doors to burst through anymore, but more alarmingly, fewer and fewer people are madly hungry enough to burst through and exclaim, ‘I have the best idea ever!’

Which is a tremendous shame, because how else do you arrive at one?

I think it’s important that we, regardless of level or rank, step up to this challenge. Do you have the capacity to have the best idea ever?
By stepping up to it, you have to know about it. You have to care about it.
You have to be so close to it, that you can tell the difference between ordinary, and extraordinary.
And while the idea may not be the actual, best ever, it won’t be pedestrian.
Or irrelevant. Or like so many of the ideas nowadays, landfill.

Tomorrow, smash down some doors.



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