What is this folly?

52 17You may have seen this doing the rounds. The 52:17 work approach.
Spend 52 minutes of intense focus. Followed by 17 minutes of escape.
17 minutes of free time in a working day? Repeated every 52 minutes.
Convicts don’t have this much free time.
Okay, seriously.
It’s a good idea, and one that (I fear) is like choosing to breath in and out every now and then. You can stubbornly say the world you’re in doesn’t have time for it (and perish) or decide that actually it does (and live).
17 minutes of nothing (not even Facebook, which is less than nothing) is what it takes to keep you alert and alive to the day’s opportunities. Rather than the alternative current reality of 24/7 macbook rigor mortis.

Shall we give it a try and swap notes on unemployment by month end?


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