The creative imperative. The commercial imperative. The soul bridge.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.53.11 am
A book store that only features one book at a time.
How curious.
What a perfectly single-minded, immersive experience:
One book, surrounded by related and inspired art and design.
A proper multi-sensory experience.

This link describes it in more detail / thank you PSFK

What fascinates me, is the intersection of a pure idea like this and the commercial reality of paying for that space. Keeping the lights on.
This is the constant reality of everything we do – finding that perfect balance between the two.
But, maybe it’s wrong, and redundant, to expect both to exist at the same time.

I recall watching Paul Smith talking to us (a massive room full of aspiring designers, creative people, ad guys) about his career. And warning us how we’ll encounter this problem. The art vs. the income.
And we mustn’t be stupid and stubborn and fall on our sword.
He went on to describe how we need to learn to see them as two very different targets. And create work that satisfies both.
But don’t expect it to be the same: His red camel hair coat got him (admittedly via Bryan Ferry) onto the cover of Arena. Blue wouldn’t have cut it.
But the blue ones, that sell at roughly 35:1 vs the red, pay for the business.
(Insert ironic Slave to Love reference somewhere here?)

We’ve heard of Soderbergh shooting ‘One for him. One for Hollywood’.
Another example of seeing the pure, outside of the context of the commercial imperative. Or just a logical way to keep the burden of ROI out of your creative shit.

I think this is smart. I think it’s practical. I think it’s a way to pick your battle.
Win the creative soul war.

I hope that the book shop is so popular that this idea, one book at a time, goes gangbusters.
But if that’s just the ‘shop window’ to a much deeper business that does pay for this magnificent indulgence, so be it.

I really hope the book is great.


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