The Power of OFF.

So we’ve had a big storm. Crazy winds. Sideways rain. Trees fallen.
Power lines down.

And something else happened. Something that can only come of the upheaval.
People come together. Strangers make conversation, help each other.
Families connect as the virtual world disconnects.
When there’s no power to broadcast my kitchen rules and no power to go online, we do the next best thing; we talk to each other.
Hang out. Till the candles run out.
Whether it’s a reduction of choices or human nature, it’s an invigorating change in pattern.
Conversation congregates around the limited available light of a torch, or candle (or a forehead mounted torch for the exceptionally prepared).
There’s a heightened awareness for the present.
And for what matters.
The rest, the superfluous, disappears.
Sure, it’ll be back on within a day or so.
Or we’ll start to kill each other.
Ransack bedrooms.
Fashion weapons from chair legs.
Jack mobile phone power from the solar lamps outside.
But for the moment, it’s illuminating.


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