A smile on the mind

Chrome game over

If you haven’t yet discovered this, if you can’t get a connection to the net on Chrome, hitting the spacebar activates a rudimentary game.
How Charming.
While this might be missed or dismissed as indulgently random,
I reckon it’s great.
I reckon it’s the spirit of what sets their approach apart.
Human play.
Maybe it’s deliberate user experience thinking, where they anticipated that the let down of not finding what you’re looking for could be lightly relieved by this game. Or maybe it’s just a developer having some fun.
Who cares?
It beats the computer says no of the other search engines.


It got me thinking of a book that was published a while ago.
A book about creativity.
What a beautiful way to describe the affect and emotional reward of creativity.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard it captured in a more apt way.

In this funny business of ours, we use the term ‘creative’ so loosely: as a noun, a verb, a discipline, a department, an attitude, an insult, an excuse, etc.
But what it really comes down to, is the reaction to what you’re ‘creating’ right?
That smile.
That human connection.
That brain chemistry that defies true understanding.
And cannot be mass produced or assimilated.
As John O’Keeffe champions, “It’s the closest thing we know to magic.”

That’s engagement in its rawest, truest form. Before it became buzz.

And today I was reminded.
I tip my hat to those at Google (yes, you so rarely receive praise and recognition) for having the bravery, time, and youth to still play.


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