The selfie stick. Narcissism goes plural.

The selfie stick.
Designed with cunning, so that you can now put lots of people, in a selfie.
That’s logical. Sort of.
But necessary? Definitely. Extendable-Handheld-Selfie-Stick
Probably the best selling thing on the planet this past Christmas.
As redundantly named inventions go, it’s the show stopper.
Take the stick with you so that when the genetic limitations of your pathetic limbs thwart that all important group shot, the selfie stick will extend your natural reach and make that moment a powerful memory.
The inventor of this remarkable human milestone should definitely be getting his / her head shot done for Time Magazine person of the year 2014’s cover.
It’s narcissism in plural.
It’s portable.
It’s utterly repugnant.
And a stick.

Please throw it.



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