Waiting. You should try it sometime.

This isn’t a whinge or criticism. And if it is, I aim it at myself, not you.
You’re one of the good ones.

In some way or form, human demand has always driven evolution of user experience, design and innovation.
But now more than ever, I wonder if that demand is really based in real need and progress, or if it’s just following a trajectory of laze-driven convenience.
Or as it’s technically known, instant gratification.

The camera that can’t upload directly to Facebook is the olden days.
Yet that camera is still a wonder of convenience and technology and performs better optically than the faster alternative.
The smart phone is threatened by the smart watch. Yet both are less than a selfie stick away at any given time.
Newspapers can’t print fast enough for the dissemination of news.
So we’ve reduced news and our knowledge to democratically fed soundbytes.
E-mail is too sluggish to compete with IM. And correspondence has devolved most of us to dyslexic adolescents. (But we do laugh out loud so much, so that spike in happiness is well worth it!!)
Etc. I’m sure you have a few examples I’ve missed.

My point? The real time demand that we’ve created makes it incredibly difficult for anything that’s got a ‘bake time’ to exist. And as a result, some really important, good things, are forced into premature obsolescence.
And it’s not even sinister. It’s an evolutionary reality, where we’ve put the importance of NOW at the top of the pyramid.

So I pause to suggest: surely some things need to bake. To cure. To be crafted.
To be ready.
Not just for their own good, but for you? And for the whole concept of suspense, intrigue, expectation, anticipation.
Man, we have to wait for the next instalment of Star Wars.
And we have to wait 9 months for our newborn. Who might be a Jedi if we pick the right private school, which we need to get on a waiting list for, which for some starts pre-coitus.

It’s the waiting that creates the wanting.
And the value is in the wanting.
Think about it. It’s true.

So, given that inst grat has no respect for waiting, I’m not surprised that the lifespan of the stuff it’s manufacturing, is, well, short. And the long term demand and loyalty, reciprocally short.

Wait not. Want not.

So, next time something new comes out that promises convenience,
pause to ask, is it better? Or should I stick to the painful ‘long’ way.







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