No power. A life upgrade.

playing guitar

When the power goes out, will your life stop and turn to darkness?

Take a moment to think about how much of your existence is ‘digital’ or requiring constant recharges, power or data.
Beyond the fear of the power going out, or running out – shouldn’t we balance our voracious consumption with more modest ‘things’ that ask nothing of the power grid or wireless router?

A book. A sketch pad and pencil. A good old acoustic guitar. A football. A chess set. (Or drafts for those in standard grade.)
No recharging necessary. Ever. The only energy they use is to dust them every few weeks.
How refreshing.
The more I stress over lagging bandwidth, the more I respect these simple things.
Things that don’t become obsolete. The things that are shared by hand and tagged with the scars of real, long life. Like a Patek Philippe, but less costly / douchie.

Of course this post will reach you through power and technology and for that I am in awe and grateful. So don’t get me wrong, that’s not my point.
Technology is awesome.
But balance and awareness of how much we use, or don’t use it,
is the future.



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