2015. So what’s so different about it?

piece of paper

A good friend of mine once said to me, “Life is about 80% in your head, and 20% real.”
To expand, so much of what defines us every day is not real. So much is about the future, the past, or some intangible like fear or hope or a range of abstract emotions .

He then went on to say, take a piece of paper, put a line down the middle, and on either side list what you do every day vs what you think about every day.  The recurring things.

Assuming on the left you write down what you actually do, day in, day out.
Well, drumroll, that’s your life.
In black and white. No frills. Walk the dog. Do the shopping. Work. Drink 14 cups of coffee.
Whatever. It’s your life.
And the right hand column, well, that’s the 80% around your life.
The ‘weather’ that acts on you and shapes that left hand side.
I find that interesting.
Especially since the really powerful stuff, is made up.

What you list is what you are.
And conversely, what you don’t list is what you aren’t.

Today is a blank sheet of another year.
May the left hand column surprise you.


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