Wait Ebola. Something really important has happened.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 6.58.55 am

‘Bent Plywood Collection that elevates your devices for a more organised workspace’.

Yes, that’s exactly what the world needs, a physical desk set by Evernote.

Just at the right time mind you. My devices have been ‘down’ of late.

Ebola? Can’t deal with that right now. My devices aren’t elevated enough.

Isis? Yeah, devices issues at the moment. Not elevated enough. Isis is on the list though.
Just after removing the bubbles in my screen protector. Those are really freaking me out!

Climate change? Really. that’s like before the i-phone. Who cares? We’re on 6 already.

Matching grain plywood or not, it’s kinda losing the plot, not?
Like, who gives a fuck? And if you do, how fucked up are you? This is the Ying Yang Ikea table Chuck / Norton / Durden spoke about. This is your possessions owning you.
This is the Bent Plywood Collection.
That elevates your devices.
But not much else I imagine.

Somewhere I read ‘a man cannot satisfy hunger with a photograph of bread’.
A beautifully wise proverb.
These luxuries that ‘elevate’ and fulfil us daily. Do we actually elevate, or does the world around us just sink?

Happy note. We don’t have to buy it.
You could spend that money elevating someone else who really needs it.

Plywood? Go figure.


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