I’m sorry. We couldn’t save him. Would you like me to post it on Facebook, or will you?

So imagine the scene.
A patient lies on the table in the ER. Doctors rushing around frantically to save him. 
The heart rate monitor starts to scream, that ominous single tone that we’ve all heard before on TV. 
Out come the paddles. Clear. ZZZZZZZZT. Nothing. Clear. ZZZZZZZZZT. Nothing. 
The energy ceases. The doctors and nurses stand down. There’s nothing more they can do.
Except notify the family and friends.
The head doctor pulls out his mobile phone and takes a pic of the patient. I pronounce him dead at 11:02pm. Let’s post it to Facebook to make it official, so the family and friends and friends of friends and randoms can all know…and start sending their posts of sympathy and long lost love and stuff.

Maybe it’s just me, but what’s up with everyone’s pseudo caring about the passing of celebrities on Facebook? It’s become like this PC channel to showcase your ‘softer side’. Really sucky.
Robin Williams died over 15 years ago. Now that he’s technically passed, everyone’s gushing, singing, crying, posting, sharing? As if he’s Morgan Freeman.

Shouldn’t all this respect have spread virally before the day?

I know they say you only miss something once it’s gone, but really?

Here’s an idea. Think about someone famous that you like, that you would post about if they passed, and go and watch their films. Even the ones that went straight to video.
Sing their praises. Pass on their quotes. Share them.
And maybe it’ll reach the artist and make a lasting, positive impression, at precisely the time they’re at a low, needing the boost of your appreciation.

RIP Robin Williams. I apologise. I haven’t watched any of your films in ages. Not even Jumanji that seems to be on repeat every Saturday.



3 thoughts on “I’m sorry. We couldn’t save him. Would you like me to post it on Facebook, or will you?

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