Passion vs. Talent

We live in a world that gives first place to the winner, not necessarily the one who tried the hardest.
And that’s fair when there’s a single finish line. Someone needs to be the fastest. There needs to be a winner.
But, passion and talent aren’t directly associated, are they?
Indeed passion may fuel growth in talent, but isn’t talent in itself.
And equally, talent can exist without any real desire.

We all know someone with a real instinctual knack for something, but lacking the conviction to really do something with it.
Very frustrating observing this, but human nature at work.
And then the one with heaps of passion, but lacking the raw talent. (These situations usually involve loud instruments like saxophones)
Frustrating for similar reasons, plus add the pain of a badly played sax.

My view is that we’ve got to remind ourselves, twice as much, to see the passion.
To look for it. Smile upon it. Nurture it and protect it.
It could be anywhere and it happens everywhere. Our kids, our colleagues, our clients, our partners.
It’s passion that keeps things moving, growing, changing.
Even if it often gets third place.

Wonderful I say.

Put a Nike swoosh on that.


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