Following our feet


We spend a lot of time following stuff.

We follow the news.
Follow the trend.
Follow that blog.
Follow a plan.
Follow that cab.
Follow the leader.
Follow the stock market.
Follow the logic…

Of the following things to follow,
I’m a fan of following our noses.
Following our instincts.
And our feet.
That’s where discovery and fresh thinking is.

Not easy given how all the paths are set out
and the cost of deviating is high.
But if you’re not willing to get off the treadmill,
will you ever really get any place new?

You follow?


One thought on “Following our feet

  1. Follow your heart … whatever you are passionate about, instinctively your path will unfold. This is the right kind of energy that allows you to discover that life is what you create, not what you let others create for you. That’s when life becomes a treadmill.


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