Technology will eventually turn you into your Mum.



This one goes out to my mum, with great pride and respect. 

Here’s why. 
In the last few years since I’ve (deserted her and) come to Australia, she’s tackled how to manage an iTunes library, streaming media content and a bunch of technically tricky things most people from her generation would simply say, “maybe in the next life.”
Anyone who’s had to reload an iTunes library knows how temperamental it can be and understands it’s a tough bastard to manage once it starts throwing exclamation marks back at you instead of music. 
Well done mum. 

But you’re not alone out there. 

At the moment I’m teaching myself how to set up and run a self-managed site.
It quickly humbles me to realise how relative ‘knowledge’ is, and how technology will always have the upper hand in the game of ‘who knows more’.
Head scratching. Impossibly out of my depth. Almost complete darkness, the only illumination being that little bit of curiosity.
And stamina. 

Personally, I think this is a very good zone to be. Not all the time, but sometimes. 
Working something out. Bit by bit. Discovery. Eureka moments doing see-saw with Environment Checking errors. 
It’s like a big puzzle. But no picture of Switzerland at the end. 
And no box to copy from. 
Mind you, there’s Google. 

Here’s to you mum and the courage to step into the great unknown.


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