2014. Year of the Creative.

So, we’re about to kick off another year.


Today, a bunch of creatives will return to their desks and tormentors.
They’ll dust off the briefs, pitches, proactive and whatever else is waiting.
(Hopefully everyone got away long enough for at least a little dust to gather.)

I’ve worked with creatives all over the world and the same respectable quality unites them.
Driven by the prospect of ‘great’ work, challenging whatever odds exist to find the elusive ‘idea’ in the over-written yet still vague ‘brief’.
Over the past 2 decades of my career I’ve seen the timelines diminish and the pressures increase. I’ve seen the departments shrink and the workload increase.
And yet the creatives still create.
And imagine and laugh and craft and diss and poke and prod until something ‘great’ happens.
And then enter a world of pain to make that idea happen.
I respect that.
I’m inspired by that.

It’s not 9 to 5.
It’s not just a job.
It’s just the way it is.

I only hope the rest of the industry and business community sees the value of this amazing workforce. It’s not a machine. It’s human capital.

Tragically, we lost a life last year.  Worked too hard, for too long, without proper rest.
This shouldn’t happen.
We live to create.
We create to live.
That’s the deal.

So let’s do that.
Bin the bad briefs.
Dust off the good ones.
Fire up the brain.
And best of luck and whatever else it takes to find the freshest,
most inspiring and enviable ideas of 2014.



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