Let me just send a tweet from my Rolex. Oh wait, first, please kill me.

galaxy gear

Today I’m noticing the buzz around the launch of Samsung’s NEW INNOVATIVE Smart Watch.

I clicked and viewed their commercial and understand the dream they’re selling.
They’ve clearly put a lot of money behind this and there’s mega hype about them beating Apple to the line.
But is this a finish line worth racing towards?

I’m not sold, and have a few questions before I line up outside the store.

Firstly, let’s start with visual appeal:
Does it not concern that this looks like an iPod Nano gaffer taped to your wrist?
I can’t help feeling like we’re going backwards here, like replacing the architectural achievements of Frank Lloyd Wright with a kid playing Minecraft.
It looks kinda shit.

Secondly, how will this distort our definition of what constitutes a watch?
And more alarmingly, what negative effect will that have on revered watch makers as they battle to compete?
Clearly, just being a symbol of class, looking amazing and/or telling time isn’t enough for a watch anymore.
Now it needs to be smarter.
Like order a cab when I’m too drunk to stand up straight.
Maybe that’ll be the work of the next Oyster Perpetual.
Or being able to Shazam Rihanna from my Cartier. Done.
Wait. Killing time in the First Class Lounge by playing Angry Birds on my Patek Philippe.
Now that’s worth looking after for the next generation.

It just doesn’t feel right.

And the fact that you still need a phone in your pocket, at the same time, makes me doubt they’ve fully ironed out all the functionality creases.

Hmmm. Like I said. Not convinced.

If simple is the opposite of smart, I vote to keep a few objects that stick to simple functions.
Like a dumb old Rolex.


One thought on “Let me just send a tweet from my Rolex. Oh wait, first, please kill me.

  1. I agree with everything you say – except the bit about Minecraft. It might look pony, but it’s got my son chatting to his mates about all sorts of things while they play.


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