Beats an episode of Gruen.

24 minutes that could change your life.
Hey, beats spending that time on an episode of Alphas. Or Revenge. Or Gruen.
You won’t regret it.
I watch this once a year. I was lucky enough to see him talk in South Africa.
Resonates on many levels.
It’s so close to what we do as commercial creators and craftsmen.
How often are we faced with ‘making classical music more accessible’, or ‘selling shoes to barefoot masses’?
And then on another level, it’s really great just to watch him deconstruct Chopin and help us understand the practical considerations that go into composing.
All delivered with pure energy and quality. A real mentor for creativity and craft.

Thank you Benjamin for your energy and commitment to bringing out quality in people.


5 thoughts on “Beats an episode of Gruen.

  1. I love this piece of Chopin so so much. The beauty of the ‘deceptive cadence’ … the suspended chord that makes the anticipation worth it when it reaches it’s resolve. Composition’s ‘breath’, ‘sigh’ or ‘release’. Watching this has been so inspiring on so many levels. Thanks so much!


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