Rock. Paper. Scissors. Nuke.

I’m really enjoying this book and thought I’d recommend it.
Essentially, as the title clearly suggests, a forecast for the next 100 years. Extreme summary: which nations will dominate, and why.
I’ve always been interested in cause and effect on a big scale. Understanding why things happen. Where might has leverage over intelligence, or where geography and relationships can exert power over wealth. etc.
Appeals to the puzzle solver in me.
This book gets into that. How seemingly unrelated factors play significant roles in shaping nations and outcomes.
Geopolitics. The invisible hand. A bit of crazy future casting.
Fascinating really.
Spoiler alert: The US dominate the next 100 years. Why?
You’ll have to read the book.

PS. Buy it as an actual book. There’re lots of diagrams that are rubbish on Kindle. Plus, I like the idea that in 300 years, someone will pick up this crazy document and laugh at the predictions made.



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