Finding white space in the white noise.

For me, one of the most powerful sources of creative energy and inspiration, is the clean slate. The fresh start. 
I can’t quite say why, only that it empowers me with a different attitude.
Clearing the decks of the old. Chucking out the clutter. Resetting the firmware. Getting the Ram to work at its original speed. 

All these things I regard as incredibly important. Even though they’re completely virtual. 
I’ve met brilliant thinkers that seem to work in a constant stream of chaos. The chaos motivates them. Even comforts them. 
I like chaos at the right time. Not in the beginning.
The beginning must be clean. 
Start thinking about it from a zero place.
The uncarved block. Able to be anything. 
Our strategic wits and creative thinking and ideas ready to go to work. 

I think it’s important for all of us, regardless of how wall-to-wall our jobs have become, to find this white space and do this resetting. 
It’s tough. When I was a junior in the business, there seemed to be ‘time’ to do nothing and prepare for the next job. I’d walk to the book shop and spend a few hours hanging out in the advertising and design section, downloading all the stimulus from books I couldn’t afford to buy.
Similarly placed juniors now are doing 5 jobs at a time. And many jobs don’t have a definitive beginning and end, but draw out and overlap. Even the brightest of colours overlapping always become that horrid brown colour. 

I remind myself that it’s up to all of us to define our speed. And this doesn’t mean not getting the work done 
The best people I’ve ever worked with, and the ones I’ll work with again in a heartbeat, knew how to say ‘no’. They still get it all done, and at the highest quality finish, but they don’t mix their focal planes. 
And the best agencies and companies know the threshold of their capability. And have mastered the art of saying, “No, not yet.”
Again, these are the agencies that inspire us and the industry with their work.

It’s Spring. The dry branches have given way to the new shoots of 2014.
Nature’s done the clean slate for us. 
Equally, I did just turn 40, so it’s highly likely that my subconscious is freaking out, telling me to start this decade fresh. 

Clean slate. Uncarved block. 
Let’s make something meaningful.



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