I found this little book at Kinokuniya. It’s proving to be very inspiring.
Authored by Kit White, it is a bit of a novelty concept ‘101 Things to learn in art school’, but it’s actually quite brilliant in how it’s taken key concepts and reduced them down into understandable, shareable nuggets.

From the opening words ‘Art is an idea that belongs to everyone’ to ‘Art is not separate from life; it is the very description of the lives we lead.’ it immediately resonates with my strong belief that the best work is the work that embeds itself in culture, and doesn’t sit a vacuum or bubble of its own creation.
I may riff off a few of the points he makes relative to art, and how they perfectly apply to the commercial creativity of communication. For now, this one got me thinking.


How many times have you lead the witness in preparation for the unveiling of an idea, or to try shape the impression the idea or execution after it has been published?
Surely it is what it is, and the real test of the idea is the effect it has out there, minus the entry film, subjective superlatives and ‘Firsts’ claimed in the sell?

I long for an evaluation of our work process, where we arrive and simply view the work, in as close to its original context as possible.

How refreshing? And how brave.
Let the work speak for itself.
And the conversation it generates out there be it’s door to door salesmen.
Not the rhetoric of the industry from where it originates.



  1. Two composers spring to mind when I read this. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Both influential visionaries of their time, but with very different existences in today’s musical collective consciousness. Creative vocabulary shouldn’t need explanation, it should speak for itself. There’s a definite art in speaking to the heart, and for most people, that’s what connects them to creative endeavors of any nature.


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