Creativity creates Quality. And Quality drives better share price.


I was recently asked to give an answer to the all too familiar question,
“Does Creativity have a value?”

The question was asked relative to a ‘creative agency’ in advertising, but I believe the answer lies deep within everything that surrounds us.

My answer was obviously an emphatic Yes.
More valuable than Gold I’d argue.
If you’re not already a believer, let me share my point of view.

I don’t see creativity as a product in itself.
Yes, a painting is a literal product of creativity and it can be sold at a high value, but let’s stop and question why one painting might sell for more than another, while both artists are equally creative?

Creativity is a means to an end.
And that end, in my opinion, is quality.
As humans, we value quality.
We pay top dollar for it.

It’s what makes us choose one thing over another.
It looks better. It works better. It sounds better. Tastes better.
Most of all, feels better.

And back to the point of this, sells better.

Whether it’s aesthetics, ergonomics or innovation, creativity and a commitment to the tenets of creativity, drive quality.

Do we give this value because it’s creative?
No. The value lies in the quality.

And the commercial value lies in how many people choose to use it, display it, adopt it, and share it.

So when I look at creativity in our business, it’s more than just a creative department.
Or that section that usually follows strategic planning in a pitch.
It’s a totally immersive process, with its vocation being to find the inherent drama and quality. And unlock the true value.

It’s a semantic change, but one I feel really liberates you as a creative.
Practice ‘creativity direction’, not ‘creative direction’.
Amazing how it changes when it’s not the noun you’re polishing, but the verb you’re applying.

Let’s make quality things. And the money will f(ol)low.


3 thoughts on “Creativity creates Quality. And Quality drives better share price.

  1. When I’m given a music brief for a project semantics are at the core of it’s interpretation. Music is an area where people can feel very vulnerable and ill equipped to brief so deciphering language has become a skill. Creativity direction in music is working semantically so that the music/sound composition takes the brief’s key elements and moves beyond the confines of language and engages with the narrative and emotions. The joy in this is process is finding the ‘sweet spot’ where it works in perfect harmony with the pictures.


  2. Hi Julian. Really enjoying the blog. For me, you’re on the money when you say that “the answer lies deep within everything that surrounds us.” That enables us to move the debate on from just whether an ad or a painting or a film has value to whether creativity itself has value. I agree that “creativity is a means to an end” but for me that end’s not “quality” (that just feels like one of the outputs). It’s the enrichment of our lives in thousands of ways, sometimes direct, sometimes so subtle as to be utterly imperceptible. Here’s an example:


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