Forget about it.

Watch this and have all your creative desires, inspirations and hunches answered.
The creative process is the best process in the world. It’s the most subtle and beautiful engineering mankind has practiced.
Sorry to tag so many videos. In this you’ll see Brian Blade who has become one with his drum kit, as well as pick up a cross reference to the 10 000 hour rule, which Lanois describes as a big commitment, as it becomes the direction your life takes.
If you feel like reading a great book, read Lanois’ Soul Mining. He details a life in music and reveals his poetic approach to bringing out the best in some of the world’s iconic musicians. Dylan, U2, Robbie Robertson, Emmylou Harris, Peter Gabriel.
It’s a massive lesson in directing talent and it reminds you of the beauty of creating.
A standout quote, “A bird on a wire can be a powerful sign if you take the time to look up.”


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