10 000 Hours. What will you become?

That’s what Malcolm Gladwell quotes is the necessary time to become truly, intrinsically successful at your craft.

Roughly 20 hours a week, over 10 years.

I love this whole thought. That it requires dedication. That it’s a function of time that cannot be altered.
No short circuiting. No cheats.

A refreshing refrain from a world that wants everything to be faster, delivered sooner, evolved quicker.
And then you encounter someone who’s taken the time to really really really get to master something. All their passion saved and piled into one thing. And not surprisingly, we stop in awe when they perform.

Musicians. Artists. Athletes.

I get incredibly humbled when watching this. It’s real.
They’ve become one with what they’re doing.
Like someone observed when watching Brian Blade playing drums on Daniel Lanois’ Here is what is. “It’s like he’s become part of the drum kit.”
He has.
He is.


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