Getting it wrong can be so right.

One of the most powerful things in our business is the odd pairings of the seemingly incongruous.
Take big wave surfing and Erik Satie for instance.
No rational person would ever suggest their marriage.
But watch this clip and feel the majesty of the moment and human triumph.
I doubt the usual electric guitar with full gain would have stirred me as much, or focused the intensity and beauty of the moment.
It’s difficult to rationalise something that doesn’t make sense.
This is where logic is a letdown.
Some things have to be felt, not thought about.


One thought on “Getting it wrong can be so right.

  1. It’s perfect … lots of sonic space to also appreciate the elegance of execution.
    Slowing down the pace of a soundtrack is a perfect way to amplify and hype something so colossal and confronting. (Kubrick)
    ‘The Wave’ by Susan Casey is a great read, if you haven’t already read it.


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