A little modesty and honesty will never go out of fashion.

I recently bought a clutch pencil from a shop somewhere on e-bay.
A classic German pencil. It arrived soon after and was pretty much what I expected. But what really uplifted me and made me feel like I’d bought something of value, was this quaint piece of paper that accompanied the pencil.


We know you have many choices on the internet and we appreciate your business…

Brilliant. What an incredibly simple and charming view of e-commerce.
And showing respect for my purchase.
Can’t help but immediately feel a sense of connection with whoever’s running this business.
Don’t think any e-bay purchase has ever had that human touch.

Great empathy for staying true to their authentic nature, but evolving their business model to reach some ad random in Australia.
And how a tiny acknowledgement of gratitude paired with awful sentimental graphic design can really create a mood.
Probably all unplanned of course, but hey, that’s authenticity for you.



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