NAOTO FUKASAWA – The Beauty of Reduction

muji CD Player

I once had the pleasure and honour of listening to Naoto Fukasawa talking about his career as a product designer. I recall him describing how his job was to ‘reduce the object to its essence, but keep its poetry.”

That one statement struck me like a bolt of lightning.  The absolute truth of minimalism.
And a beautifully succinct way of describing our creative process.

Simplification, but not oversimplification.
Being sensitive to where the drama lies, and then modelling the execution and experience around that.
It’s true of great stories. Buildings. Gardens. Art. Advertising. Software.
So much information that needs to be understood, chipped away, until only what really matters, remains. The drama that lies in the DNA of the object.
Try it next time you try solve a big problem.
Reduce it to the essence. Keep the poetry.
And give a little nod to the man who helped us see a little better.





One thought on “NAOTO FUKASAWA – The Beauty of Reduction

  1. I believe in this as a philosophy for life in general. The motorcycles I design are just that – nothing beyond what they need to do the job. For example, I find a Tacho is superfluous on a street bike, so I don’t use them. Your focus – whether riding or just looking at the bike is heightened because your effort is reduced.
    BTW, I love this CD player – it’s sold by Muji – comes in white and black only.


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