Celebrity product placement takes taste test to whole new level.

Lana Del Rey

Listening to Lana Del Rey’s latest, I’m hit with the inescapably catchy lyric line, ‘My Pu$$y Tastes like Pepsi Cola.’

Yes. She actually claims it. Far be it for me to question her, but I have to wonder about Pep$i’s point of view. Not at a food science level per se, but rather, marketing and reputation management.
After all, this is technically product placement. Are they cool with it?

Can’t help imagining the conversation unfolding at Pepsico HQ.
If planned: (doubtful) “Guys, we have a great celebrity endorsement concept. You may want to sit down.”
Or if unplanned: (probable) “Guys, do you want the good news or the bad news?”

Assuming the latter, it begs the serious question: How do they respond?
She’s selling albums. And Pepsi.
Turn a blind eye? Go with it, and let the Pepsi cultural cred continue?
Have legal on standby?
Get the flavour scientists to double check the formula?
All good options.
Personally, I think it’s great. Great that they crack that nod, and equally great that the song is still out there. Selling soda.
This is where the lines blur and advertising becomes life.

Wonder how Coke will respond?


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