You can visit wonderful places on a bus.

I like catching a bus to work. It’s effortless. It’s in the T3 Lane. Most of all, it’s a place between 2 places. It’s a gap between the sounds that make up the noise / music of life.
Sample of one, I use this time to decompress. To do nothing. To allow my brain to freewheel. An amnesty period for any ideas to present themselves without judgement.

I look around me with concern at how few people use this time to just drift off and look out the window. The opportunity to succumb to the warmth of morning sun through an icy window pane, defrosting anxieties, releasing the interesting stuff that otherwise wouldn’t find its place in your mind.

Instead, I see most people praying to their mobile phones and tablets. News. E-mails. Media. Social Media. Must stay connected. Their faces taut as their eyes pull more information into their skulls.
Do they find time to daydream? To let what they’re reading seed in their minds and grow.
Or is daydreaming a silly indulgence?

Not by my measure.
I’ve had my best ideas when I haven’t been trying to have the ideas. I don’t tend to have good ideas when stooping to a tablet screen. And as someone who works with ideas, and knows just how bloody hard it is to have a useful one, I’m a big advocate for letting bus rides remain free zones from further connection to the A and B of where we have to be.

But that’s just me. What do you think? Maybe you’re reading this on the bus, and you can tell me where to get off.



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