Give your gut a chance to be heard

I’m not talking about digestion. Well, maybe I am. But the sort of digestion that happens when you hear, see or experience something that’s outside of what you expected.
So often the rational side of the brain quickly factors in all the information for why something is ‘good’ or ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, before you really get a chance to ask, “But how do I feel about that?”

Really great work – whether it be music, writing, painting or product design – feels good.
We, as the gatekeepers to ideas, should allow ourselves (and our commitees) to feel before we speak. To really search before we apply the rule.

Spotted this great advice from Rick Rubin on what he does when producing. Or more appropriately, what he doesn’t do.


Feel before you speak.
Listen before you act.

And maybe you’ll create something truly original.


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