Ready, Steady, Buy.

This is the first post.
How dramatic.

I intend to you use this blog as a means to share some of my thoughts about the business of mind control.

Each day hundreds of thousands of us go to work to make things that will make people either think things or buy things. And when we come home from work, we continue our mind control manoeuvres. To bend a spoon. To sell a spoon. To tweet a spoon.

And this, as simplistic as it may be described, is what fascinates me. Whether from the creator’s side or the buyer who reacts to the message, how fascinating the stories and techniques and gimmicks and everything else that we chuck in to get a result.
It’s poetic. It’s pathetic.

So my blog will likely be some sort of commentary on this. No doubt, it’ll contain the full bag of emotions, and will contradict itself and get personal. But hopefully it’ll attract some good readers and talkers and start a few good conversations.

Wish me luck.



One thought on “Ready, Steady, Buy.

  1. As one of the spoon tweeters, I love observing what it is that captures the zeitgeist. I would say that most of us are in denial about being mind controlled, but at the same time find ways to justify the purchase to ourselves when we do succumb to advertising’s siren song. Looking forward to the deconstructive analysis 🙂


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